Our Facilities

  • All the basic facility is available for the synthesis of complex organic products as per GLP/GMP norms.
  • Facilities are available for the synthesis of all types of complex organic chemistry reactions for the isolation and identification of unknown impurities.
  • All products are thoroughly characterized and supply with Certified Certificate of Analysis (COA), MSDS and supported by comprehensive analytical data like IR, HPLC purity and NMR, LC-MS. All data’s are closely reviewed and each project undergoes a R&D Head and technical QC review before releasing.
  • Quality system: We maintain quality system as per the requirements of the International Standard ISO 9001:2015 Certification.
  • High pressure Autoclave with maximum pressure 100 bar and maximum working temperature 300oC
  • Waters HPLC System with PDA Detector on proposed will be available soon.
  • Storage facilities Available to store at 2 to -20oC (in a refrigerator/Freezer), we are enhancing up to -80oC soon.
  • Inventory Stock Product’s Once the order or PO is confirmed by client, products are shipped immediately.
  • Dispatch products are packed in specially design vials under the proper condition with flow of nitrogen/inert gas and ship in 0 to -20oC as per product specification.

Our Logistics Partners